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The Tag-Based Article Archives

You can browse the articles in this blog by choosing the "tags" that the articles can be identified from. A tag defines the subject or topic of an article.

You can get list of articles that mention a tag, or more than one tag, or all of a few tags etc by clicking the tags in the form below. So if you want all the articles in which I talk about Violins and Art, you can click on "violin" and "art" below. You can also find interesting posts that discuss synergies between different topics using this page. When you click on a tag, the sizes of the rest of the tags will change in proportion to the number of posts that mention both tags. Play a little, read a little, and come back for more later. This is one of my favorite features of this site. Looking back, someday, I'll be glad I tagged all my posts meticulously :)

If, on the other hand, you just want to be taken to a page which lists all my articles on a given topic, click on the corresponding tag on the right and you can browse all articles with a specific tag. Enjoy!

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