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Cartier replica watches

July 6th, 2009 · 5 Comments

One of the leading brand names in the field of Luxury watches Cartier watches are not just watches, but a possession that everybody dreams of owning. With excellent precision amalgamated with elegant design Cartier watches have a mesmerizing power that is hard to resist. Known for its innovation Cartier in all its watch designs draws inspiration from richness and magnanimity of symbols across the world. This is evident in all its watch models. Some popular watch models from the house of Cartier are Cartier Tank watches, these draw inspiration from the Renault tank used as war ammunition during World War I. Cartier Santos watches worlds first flat wrist watch meant for aviation functions were introduced in era when pocket watches were fast becoming obsolete for aviation uses. Cartier Roadster, the latest jewel to the crown of Cartier is the magnificent watch model which draws its inspiration from the field of automotive designs. Cartier Pasha model, a hot favorite amongst women, was originally a watertight model made especially for Pasha of Marrekesh in 1932.

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