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Fun with favicons – and a database I found

July 2nd, 2009 · 1 Comment

Today’s find – a favicon database!

Sorry for the long leave of absence… I was busy elsewhere in real life, wrapping up some college related stuff.

What better way to get back in the blogging habit that start writing again! So as I was saying, I ran into this database of them wonderful small shiny favicons. Thought I’d share it with you before it gets real big, and popular. So what’s a favicon, you ask? They’re the things that show up left-most in your address bar when you visit a web page. For all the hate that the Internet Explorer gets, we owe favicons to IE. Favicons were introduced in IE 5, and were original used to represent websites in the “Favorites”, which is just Microsoft’s term for bookmarks. Later, Mozilla and the w3c pitched in and standardized things so now, if you place a file named favicon.ico in the “root” or base directory of your website, it is displayed in the address bar, and in the bookmarks for the site.

Favicon database

This site lacks a favicon, and so I was looking to see if there were any sites with a bunch of them I can choose from. Making one is easy enough, it has to be 16×16 pixels in size, but I was short of ideas, and wasn’t really happy with my attempts to shrink some images to that small a size. At that size, it all looks like a blur to me. Some favicons, like that or Michael Arrington’s at the favicon database don’t make any sense. Is that a walrus, or a man with a huge mustache? In either case, it’s hard to see how it relates to the real Arrington! Maybe he, like me, tried to make a favicon, failed, and stuck with whatever the result was :) Some others, like the favicon for asylum-et, are animated, which is kinda cool, I guess.

Well anyway, one of these days, I will get to making one my own. (Intelligent readers will note that I did not say “making one for myself” :) )
And I hope by then the favicon database will have more favicons on display! It looks promising, and is a very neat little idea.