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Buying Pet Meds Online

September 21st, 2007 · 1 Comment

We all know we can buy medicines online, since that is why we get solicitations via mail to buy them online for better sexual/mental/physical performance, but I was kind of late in catching on the fact that you can by pet meds online too! At least the pet meds website is a lot more interesting than the online pharmacies. Check out this list of Pet top 10s – including the top 10 distances covered by cats looking to return home after getting lost. How they get lost at such great distances is a mystery, but the stories are interesting.

With regards to pet health, there’s a list of inherited health disorders for dogs by breed! Amazing stuff. There’s a similar list of inherited health disorders in cats. When it comes to pet medications, the site has a listing of which online pet pharmacy offers the various meds at the lowest rates. Nice site will easily keep you busy for an hour if you have a pet, and like knowing more about your breed.