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Extreme Cars and the Hummer H3

September 18th, 2007 · 2 Comments

Extreme Cars is a fascinating website with interesting information scattered all over. The site has details of all cars from Ariels to Paganis. I did not know previously that the Italians have been at designing cars since way back in the 1400s when an Italian designed a wind-propelled car. I also learnt the distinction between sports car, muscle cars and super cars. A muscle car is a mid-sized car with large, powerful V8 engines and special trim designed to maximize torque. The golden ago of these cars in the US was the period from 1962-1973. They are not sports cars, since sports cars are usually smaller, two-seater automobiles with a higher than usual weight-to-power ratio.
No list of extreme cars will be complete without the behemoth Hummer, which traces its lineage to the HumVees used by the the US Military worldwide.
Hummer H2

I didn’t know they were made in South Africa as well! The new Hummer H3 is cheaper than the rest, and a little bit smaller. The H3 has an amazing 37.5 degree approach angle and cover almost all terrains with the greatest of ease. It is ironic that in the US, most H3s are bought by families with school children – for its space and safety features, or, as I suspect, for the image of being safer in a Hummer. They are a lot cheaper at around $29,995 for a new base H3, and this has helped a lot with customer adoption, too.

Hummers aside, I spent a cool half hour at going through the list of mythical, almost unreal, vehicles.