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September 18th, 2007 · No Comments

In researching for my upcoming trip to Europe, I have had a tough time finding good, pointed information about what to do in the major cities. I found some useful information about hotels in Paris at Looks like accomodations in the Rive Gauche area are more affordable for tourists like me. Rive Doite is the other extreme, and perhaps, when I am old and (hopefully) filthy rich, I’ll get to look for the better options there.

If you visit Barcelona, cityguides has a little useful information. The pages containing information about cities are organized by function – here’s an example shopping in Atlanta page. Since I have been shopping in Atlanta before, i can see that the page doesn’t yet list all the options. The pages are not all complete, and the site advices visitors that there are more blogs, forums and reviews coming soon. It can’t come soon enough. Posting on travel forums and waiting for responses gets old too fast, and the information you find on website might not be the whole deal. So forums, articles, blogs and reviews are all essential in one single website to minimize my effort.