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Career Descriptions

September 17th, 2007 · No Comments

If you want to learn what constitutes life as a dentist, doctor, or any one of the other careers, check out the descriptions of careers. Each description at the website gives you the following information:

  1. Overview of the job
  2. What you will be doing in a particular work
  3. What kind of personality is suitable for the job
  4. Which type of companies offer jobs
  5. Whether you will be able to open your own business?

For example, you learn from the dentist career description that the skills required, and therefore kind of dentists are as follows:
Diagnostic, Preventative, Surgical, Corrective and Managerial. It leaves out my favorite kind of dentist – cosmetic, but I suppose that comes under “Corrective”. After the dentist, the job description of the greatest interest to the most should be the pharmacist. Anything related to medicine is hot with regards to income-generation prospects, and since everyone can’t work as hard as required to become a doctor, becoming a dentist or a pharmacist may be just the thing for many.

I wish I was a dentist or a pharmacist. Then again, looks like I wished I wasn’t one when I was younger, because I am neither now.