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DevHunters Forum: A Solid Time Sink

September 7th, 2007 · No Comments

I found a webmaster forum to hang out at called DevHunters, and like all things Internet it is turning out to be a soild time sink. What’s it with me and websites, I wonder. Sometimes I just get stuck on something and stay stuck for a while. First it was browsing flickr, then it was the wordpress forums, and then it was the Sims, now it is DevHunters. DevHunters has a website advertising forum in it that hasn’t quite got to the critical number of posts where you know that a forum is getting stale. I used to visit WebMasterWorld quite often, but this was way back – nowadays I don’t even bother – the old members has an entrenched, proud outlook on things and folks like me don’t seem too welcome. DevHunters is relatively new, and so this is the time to get your toe in, if you know what I mean. Young forums are a lot of fun – you have the chronic forum addict users, those that come for the seo tools, and a lot of early adopters. DevHunters has some serious stuff going on in the other forums, but for me, the best place to be is the general chat forum. The threads go from the ludicrous (”do you like rain”) to confessions of PC and Internet addicts like your’s truly. I should really get a grip on my time, and stop wasting it like there is no tomorrow. Oh, well, someday, maybe.