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Build One Way Links Like a Pro

September 7th, 2007 · No Comments

One of the biggest factors affecting how visible a website is on the web is its pagerank. Google’s method of calculating pagerank has led to a flourishing economy around one-way link building. Whatever the faults in the technique used by Google to determine the best search results, you have to build links pointing to you website to be successful in web-based business. Pagerank and search engine results don’t matter so much for personal blogs such as this one, but they are critical to business. Ironically, it is easier for this blog to attract incoming links than, say, a business. Because linking to my blog is a person-to-person or blogger-to-blogger thing. Linking to an obscure business is not usual.

This has led to the practice of business (including the biggest and best) to supplement offline advertising with online advertising in the form of link, and banner ads. When it comes to building one-way links, there are several ways a small business can go wrong. Here’s some tips to get one way link building right:

  1. Never buy links from services like ReviewMe or PayPerPost – these have a 50% overhead, so the good bloggers won’t use them, and surfers will immediately detect that it is a low-quality paid post
  2. Directly approach bloggers to purchase links – either directly email them, or ask in forums
  3. Don’t waste your time – set a time-value for your money, and use a professional one way backlink building service – these guys will do things right, and you are just paying them for the time and effort it takes
  4. Subscribe and read blogs that deal with one way link building methods and stay up-to-date
  5. Never, ever buy a whole lotta links just because they are cheap – such cheap “blog networks” forward very little of the little pagerank they have, and will sooner or later be penalized which may ripple forward to your site.