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Teach Your Dog New Tricks

September 4th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Forget about taking your dog to petsmart for training. I have tried it, and it ain’t so bad, but hey, I don’t have a paid-for trainer, and I see no reason why my dog should :)

Most dog tricks are easy to teach, but I really wanted some help to get started. That’s where petsmart and co suck since they obviously want you to keep going back for their services. I tried youtube and google videos for dog tricks. There are quite a few videos, but the quality is terrible. Then I happened upon the Dog Trick Academy. The site required me to log in to access the content, and usually that is where I stop, but since it was a friend of mine that told me about the site, I registered.

Dog Tricks

The site is an excellent resource. The lessons are divided into six levels that gradually increase in difficulty. Each level has a bunch of tricks to teach, for example, the third level includes lessons to teach your dog to shake the paw, turn around, roll over, crawl, wave etc. There’s a video for each of these. The videos are very patiently done, and the quality is great, too. I think the best thing is that all the videos are in one place, and you can just pick a lesson a day and train your dog at your pace. Since the site requires one to register and login in, here’s a screenshot of a lesson that teaches a dog to give up that thing in its mouth. Boy, do I have trouble getting my socks out of bruno’s mouth!

Dog Tricks - Give

In addition to the video lessons, there is also a “lounge” (forum) where members can chat which seems to be just picking up speed. Some of the advanced lessons are missing right now, but I sure do hope that whoever created that site keeps posting new videos. It would be sad to have my hopes raised so high and then to have it go crashing! Registering is totally free, and so are all the lessons, so give it a shot and teach your dog some tricks. I hope you find the site as promising as I did. If you know of any other such sites with lessons in dog training, please do let me know in the comments.