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Color Me Impressed

August 8th, 2007 · No Comments

I have never paid attention to the small details of the things that get handed to me at trade fairs and client demos, but the other day, I came across a very well put-together sales pitch kit for a company that does trade show exhibits. It was all put together in a gorgeous presentation folder. Half-jokingly, I asked the lady if their company did the design and produced all that stuff too, you know, in addition to the trade show exhibits they were selling.

Turns out that no, they did not make it themselves. The press kit was done at U.S. Press Direct. The Presentation Folders in particular were simply outstanding. After I got home, I learned from their site that the folders were as cheap as around $1400 for 500 folders. The way she told me, they designed the folders in-house, and uploaded their designs, and since they had past experience with US Press Direct, they did not have to wait to see the proof samples.

I was glad I asked about the kits, its not very often that the makers of these products get publicity – since no company would want them to put the name or details of the maker on their stuff. So I thought I write here to appreciate a good product, and hopefully find this article again the next time I go searching for a good print firm.