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Blame the Sims

May 30th, 2007 · No Comments

I haven’t got much work done over the past two days. You can blame Sims 2. For those of you still fortunate to retain complete control over your time, the Sims 2 is a very addictive game by Maxis, or Electronic Arts. The original Sims was perhaps the first “real life in virtual life” game – sort of like the precursor to Second Life. I would even say that graphically and gameplay-wise it is MUCH better than Second Life.

In Sims 2, you do the regular stuff, like keeping your character happy, finding him/her a job, teaching and training your characters etc. What makes Sims 2 really special is all of the mods and effects that you can have. You can download these from other websites, and as I discovered, you can even can get a lot of the sims 2 downloads for free. Most of these downloads are for outfitting your characters – there’s bikinis, stylish outfits for teen sims – just about any kind of garb you can think of. But it does not stop there, you can download things like floor tiles, walls and carpets to spiff up your interiors too. All of this is free stuff and if you are the “serious” gamer, you can find sites where you can download stuff for a price.

Let’s hope I never graduate from Pimp My Sims and not lose sight of “real life”. I have declared a 2-day moratorium on the Sims. Let’s see if I can keep my resolution :)