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Create Your Own Jewelry

May 29th, 2007 · No Comments

What’s the perfect way to spend a weekend? The answer might be “save some money”, or “make some money”, or “no, you dollarhead, money is not everything, dedicate some time to a hobby”. I found the perfect solution for all three groups of folks. Make jewelry over the next weekend.

The jewelry blog has very cool tips on how to make jewelry all by yourselves. The post has a very informative video that shows you how to create simple beaded earrings, wire wrap jewelry as well as heart jewelry. If you decide this is your thing, there is a lot more detail on the page that describes how to make your own jewelry at It ends with a link to an article on how to sell the jewelry you just made. That’s right – that is how you “make some money”. Who knows how many of the item you buy on ebay are actually just made at home anyway?

For beaded jewelry, there is another detailed post on the blog that describes the calculations to find out how many beads you need, as well as bead handling tips. Impressive attention to detail. Though the blog uses the boring default wordpress theme, the content is good. Its almost enough to make me want to buy the tools of the trade and get started on making jewelry.