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‘Cause Work Sucks!

May 26th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Work Sucks is all kinds of awesome. Finally I found a type-in domain name that is actually what the domain name promises. Like they say, if you are a “go-getter” you’d have to go and browse somewhere. Work sucks is for slackers. They’ve got office videos, though I sort of wish they’d just cull the best from youtube and post it there more frequently. There’s the store which asks you to “Check back soon for more random items you can’t afford not to buy” to deck up your sucky workplace, I guess.

There’s also a daily crossword that I will be visiting often.
Before I leave you to browse the site, here’s 5 ways to decrease you productivity – what can I say – its not often that I spend a half hour at a website, randomly browsing. So when work sucks, head to work sucks.