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Plasma TVs Have Been Around Since ‘92!

May 17th, 2007 · No Comments

I am still trying to decide between an LCD TV and a Plasma TV, and so have been doing some research online. Did you know that Plasma TVs have been around since ‘92? Fujitsu invented them in 1992, and Plasma TVs have been available commerically since 1997. Wow, that is a long way going back!

panasonic plasma tv

Don’t the Panasonic plasma TVs look great? To its credit, Panasonic has built the largest commercial plasma TV at a massive 103 inches. The Plasma TV Reviews site also goes on to explain why these are better than LCD TVs. Briefly, they offer wider viewing angles and better black levels that drive a much higher contrast. So it makes sense to buy a plasma tv for viewing DVDs and HD tv. There aren’t too many HD channels coming down the pipe right now, so it has to be about the DVDs.