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Suing Uri Geller

May 14th, 2007 · No Comments

Uri Geller tried to take down some youtube videos by invoking the DMCA copyright laws. The trouble is, he wasn’t the “original” producer of the videos or anything like that. So he asked youtube to take down some videos that expose him, while he wasn’t the owner of the content. And guess what, youtube responded to the copyright violation notice (which, again, was unsubstantiated) by taking down the videos.

This boingboing article has the whole story and a link to the original video. As a bonus, the guy in the video also exposes “faith healing” – the kind practiced by some fringe Christian missionaries.

Now the EFF is suing Uri Geller for misuse of the DMCA.

I have always been a skeptic of the spoon-bending skills of Uri Geller, and thought in a wishful santa-clausy way that maybe paranormal mental faculties exist in some folks. After watching the video I am convinced that it is hogwash. If you see the video of James Randi going after Uri and others, you will see how he makes a ridiculous spectacle of himself on the Johnny Carson show at the height of his fame. He cannot do the spoon mending, or any mind tricks without his props. That makes him, what, a cheapo street magician?