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Noureen DeWulf: Red Hot Indian

May 14th, 2007 · 4 Comments

Noureen DeWulf is the hot hot hot lady in Ocean’s Thirteen. It is said that she is part Indian, as in East Indian. Man does she look hot.
Noureen DeWulf

Here’s some more pics of Noureen DeWulf.

Here’s what Noureen’s got to say about being Indian:

Well, my parents are from Pune, India although I was born here in the US. I have a strong sense of my Indian culture, I can speak Hindi ,Gujrati ,and Urdu and I cook Indian food! I am proud of my background, I love being Indian. I love playing Indian roles Both dramatic and comedic ones. People ask me a lot if I get tired of playing ethnic characters, they ask me if I want to move away from it, but the ironic truth is, when I play an ethnic character I feel fulfilled on a personal level. I love my heritage both as someone who grew up as a Muslim and as an Indian—it’s part of who I am and I would never deny it.

What is it about South-east asian women that tickles my bone? I will never know. I wish there were more of them in mainstream hollywood. So too Lebanese and Middle-eastern women. Noureen DeWulf is definitely here to stay for a while. I wish I could see her in more movies. Someone please give Noureen an Oscar, so we can see her around more :)