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Why Bottled Water Sucks

May 13th, 2007 · No Comments

Upscale restaurants are up in arms against bottled water. It is easy to see why – it takes the equivalent of seven bottles of pure water to make one bottle of bottled water – bottled water costs more per gallon that gasoline at you gas station, and the environmental cost associated with the plastic bottle is enormous.

But the most convincing reason is that most bottled water is just your regular tap water, “purified”. This includes the leaders Aquafina and Dasani. Studies have been conducted that show that no one can distinguish between tap water and bottled water in blind taste tests. The corresponding difference in cost is amazing!:

Consuming the recommended daily dose of two litres of water per day from the tap at home costs $78 per year — as opposed to the $2225 a consumer would spend if they purchased that same amount of water in bottled form.

If you need further convincing to stop drinking bottled water, look no further than this wired slideshow about how “value-added” water includes such freaky products like water bottled to music or vedic chants!! The encouragement bottled water has received from the market is now creating new “products” like ready-to-make icecubes. Stop this madness, now, just purify your tap water with a charcoal filter and get on with life.