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Sendful: Email to Postal Letter

May 3rd, 2007 · No Comments

Earlier, I had written about how to use USPS’ online service to send regular snail mail from your computer.

Now a private enterprise is trying to make it even easier – the idea is, when you have to send someone a regular letter, you pay $0.99 and send an email. The service, Postful, prints the email out in color and sends it to the postal address. You just have to put the mailing address in the “Subject” of your email, and send it to a postful email address. Now if that isn’t neat, what is? There some neat advanced features that might come in handy, if, for example, you send letters to the same address over and over again – postful will remember the address in that case. You can even send photos – which will be printed in color, all for the low, low $0.99 price! Right now, you can’t send mail internationally, but that is coming in June 07.

I’m gonna try and use this to send some regular letters to old friends – letters have their own quaint way of showing you care – more than emails, or e-cards can.