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No-Follow, Link Juice and Wikipedia

April 30th, 2007 · 3 Comments

V7N Search Marketing News:

Wikipedia introduced the no-follow tag, presumably as way to prevent people using Wikipedia to pass link juice. Even when most Wikipedians wanted no-follow removed, Jimbo Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, hs chosen to keep no-follow.

Looks like Jimmy Wales is twice the hypocrite – once for wanting to keep adding no-follow to wikipedia links even after the democratic decision making body of wikipedians voted in majority to remove the useless “no-follow” addon, and then again for not using the said no-follow attribute for links from wikipedia to his other ventures, including which happens to be a for-profit venture. I guess the bottom line and business demands are strong enough reasons to controvert established systems at will, for anyone. This is real bad news, but expected new, nevertheless.

No-follow was such a braindead idea – the only folks that ever did gain from the action of webmasters was google – their problem got reduced, but webmasters, including yours truly regularly get pummeled with unwanted visitors.

The V7n folks seems quite cool: check out this post on the art of refunds – they at least seem to get the part about how to deal with unsatisfied customers right – the point John makes about tolerating a few scammers to keep the majority of legitimately disconcerted clients is something that seems to slip by many online dealers, unfortunately.