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Cheap Date Ideas For the Weekend

April 27th, 2007 · 1 Comment

One of the privileges of blogging anonymously, like I do, is that you can blog about cheap date just before you head out on one over the weekend ;)

So yeah, Cupid has been kind and I have the opportunity to take a lady out this Saturday. So what does a geek do when he’s short of ideas? Search online, of course!

First off, there’s a list of ideas for fun dates here – including going to an arcade, bowling, a casino (now that is something I wouldn’t have thought of myself), museums, the zoo, and playing frisbee. But not all of these are cheap, except maybe the last one.

So here’s a free ideas for dates in general that I find, hmm, interesting:

  1. Go to a mall or a good place for people watching and sit and enjoy a coffee/beer
  2. Build and/or fly a kite
  3. Find a coffee shop with a poetry reading/open-mic free live music and get a coffee or a beer (yes, I love coffee)
  4. Rent/Borrow a video at home and watch it with chips n salsa
  5. Go window shopping under the pretense of looking for some hard-to-find brand of jeans/shoes – now though no girl will likely turn this down, shopping of any kind exhausts me
  6. A hike/bike ride through a scenic trail close to you – there’s only the cost of getting there and back

Ok, that’s it – I am out of ideas now, so God help me! I probably will end up trying #3, #6 or #5 in that order. There’s a blog for the compulsive date-goers the same place I found the list of fun date ideas, but their isn’t too much advice by way of cheap dates available online. Boy, writing a blog regularly, only about dating, must need some resolve and patience!