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Website Design, Anyone?

April 25th, 2007 · 2 Comments

I am working on a project at work that seems like it will take forever to finish. *sigh*. I am not the greatest of web designers, and you can see from the design of this modest site. It took me some time to figure out some stuff that should have taken a few minutes at best – well at least according to my initial estimate.

The project at work involves creating a website, and I am thinking I should just contact some website design firm. Would any of you know any better regarding design firms that are cheap and do a good job? I know that is like asking if anyone’s seen my needle in a haystack. Also, the visitor numbers for this blog are going up regularly, at more or less 20-30% every week or so – but I am missing the comments ;) I hope some of you might have recommendations for my problem here.