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Vacation points and stuff…

April 25th, 2007 · No Comments

Okay, this is the last post for today – looks like I am overdosing on blogging to make up for the lost week. I’ll try and keep this one short, too. So, like you know, Egypt is beckoning me and I am thinking do points garnered at places like leisuretime promotions count anywhere you want them to? The idea is simple, you buy a membership where you get points and then you get preferential treatment when you try to buy tickets, or book accomodation etc.

Now the question is, are you restricted to only, say RCI resorts, or can you travel/do whatever you want? Also, how is the cost of membership offset? I mean, this has to be profitable for both the company providing the membership and for us, the travellers, so who foots the bill? I suppose the destination – the resorts promoted by the club, like leisuretime would be paying them money to promote their facilities, which leads me to think that maybe you can only enjoy the benefits of the points within a network or maybe multiple networks. But I may be wrong. I have asked a question at the site using the Contact form. Lets see what gives. If any of you phantom readers have an idea, or have been a member of such points clubs your opinion will be most welcome :) Come on guys, write me some comments, let’s make this a two-way conversation :)