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Finding a Personal Trainer

April 25th, 2007 · 2 Comments

I did a lot of searching on the subject of whether or not to get a personal trainer, and what to do find the right one. I have a lot of things buzzing in my mind, and before I forget, I thought I’d summarize what I learnt for future reference, if nothing else.

So here’s a few tips to choose the right personal trainer, AND to smooth things out as you work with your trainer.

  1. There are a whole bunch of certifications for trainers – don’t go by the certifications alone – talk to your trainer and judge him/her by how they can convey themselves, and the plan they present you. NASM and ACE certifications seem to be the more credible ones, just in case.
  2. Always question your trainer’s decisions on exercises to do – you don’t have to be confrontational, but learn the benefits that are expected, so you can measure progress
  3. Most personal trainers offer a free, or half-price session, so ask for one.
  4. Find out how much the trainer knows about nutrition – ask him/her directly and judge them based on their response – of course – you should go home and look up their suggestions to see if they work – there is no alternative to doing your research
  5. Ask the trainers if he/she can provide information about drugs and supplements – this is an easy way to avoid steroid junkies – you know you don’t want to abuse medicines for sure.
  6. Be wary of contracts you sign at the gym – some rip-offs ask to charge you credit card, and have you sign a paper that has no dollar amount on it – later they tack on charges to the card – your signature was basically to ensure that the charges will be processed. This is anecdotal, but watch out in any case.
  7. Make sure the trainer has liability insurance – again – ask him/her!
  8. There is a reason why I have so many “ask him/her” – the most frequent recommendation seems to be to pick a trainer who can answer all your questions comfortably, and explain things logically – without that you won’t trust your trainer, or benefit a lot, really

Of the pages I found, this one about finding a personal trainer from WebMD is worth a visit later. This self-help site has a lot of useful articles too, including tips for choosing equipment, physicians etc. Metafilter has some useful info too, if you search for the right terms.