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Home and Living: 10 Ultra Small Houses

April 14th, 2007 · 6 Comments

Perhaps the most famous man to live in a dimunitive house was Thoreau, who famously lived in a wood cabin for a while. I went on a trip today discovering small houses of all shapes and kinds.

No list of small houses will be complete without these exemplary examples….

1. Yurts

You have US yurts and Russian yurts

2. Tumbleweed houses

..Which are smaller than some folks’ bathrooms

3. The Mobile Hermitage

Which seems to owe some of its design and inspiration to the Tumbleweed house dude, Jay Shafer

4. The weehouse

Completed for less than $45K. Cheaper than your car – Hummer Lover!

5. Custom-built Gypsy Caravans
More caravans.

6. The Loftcube

It’s like living in the clouds. Not for the agoraphobic. Also see: glass house, and the house that hovers.

7. Straw Bale Houses

The one pictured above is just 140 sq.ft. Living in it might just be like living in a 2-D world!

8. Free Spirit Spheres

They hang from trees, look like a sphere – what more do you want? I want one, just so I can say, “I live in a ball. Yes, the ball hangs from a tree.”

9. Tear Drop Trailers

Quite in the rage in the 30’s and 40’s I hear.

and of course… the very popular…

10. Igloos

I’ve always wanted to go inside one and see if it is actually warmer.

There’s also this story on the SF Gate about small homes for the homeless:

Small homes are environmentally conscious and sustainable as they quite literally reduce your “footprint”.

For more lists of small houses, check out – the Tiny Home Page (pun intended, and not original, thank you very much!), and this list of the tiny house hunter who was at least as interested in them as I am.

I wish I could collect small houses and put them all in my backyard, but for now I will have to refer to Home and Living and plan on visiting Home Depot to get more power tools!