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Blood groups ‘can be converted’ – Creating “Neutral” Blood

April 11th, 2007 · No Comments

Scientists have developed a way of converting one blood group into another. They can convert RH Positive blood from one blood group to another. This should fix the O-ve blood shortage problem. The absolutely amazing techniques uses micro-organisms to work on the blood cells and strip them of their “group”-iness. The paper describing the work was published in a Nature journal.

Oh, and by the way when some researcher says “potentially”, be wary:

The technique potentially enables blood from groups A, B and AB to be converted into group O negative, which can be safely transplanted into any patient.

What “potentially” really mean is – “we think it should work, and that it is a neato idea – but you are on your own for now, and can’t really seriously hold us to it.” :)

That’s enough chit-chat for now – have to get cracking on work now.