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Distributed Proofreaders Completes 10,000th Book

March 30th, 2007 · No Comments

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Today Distributed Proofreaders (DP) posted a package of texts that takes us over 10,000 completed titles. I’m very proud of our community of volunteers who have accomplished this beautiful number. The 10K package (listed below) showcases the wide range of our volunteers’ interests and talents. For those of you who may not know, DP makes accurate e-text transcriptions of public domain printed material. The results of our efforts are available in html and plain text formats, primarily through Project Gutenberg (PG). Scanning and raw OCR are the first step in digitizing printed material. DP takes the next step to make accurate versions that can be reflowed, re-sized, cut and pasted, accurately searched, analyzed and so on.

For those who like numbers, the 10,000 titles represent around 3 million pages. We have produced books in over 20 languages and just under 15% of our production is in languages other than English. About 700 volunteers login each day, and about 3000 different volunteers login over a 30 day period. We have approximately 5600 projects in some stage of preparation.

Okay, “Today” was the 11th of March – I am late in reporting this to you, but I was a distributed proofreader myself for a few days, before that dropped off the edge of my attention span, like everything else. Read some free books at Project Gutenberg. The distributed proofreading effort is a fun way to read a little each day – you basically read the output of a scanner to detect spellos, typos and uh-ohs. Contribute a little of your time, and, more importantly, spread the freedom!