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Eradicating Ski Mask Discrimination

March 29th, 2007 · No Comments

File this under “weird dudes”!

From ABC News, we hear of the man who is out to restore ski masks to their pristine crime-free glory!

Kevin Lambert, 31, got the idea in 2005 after he walked out of a local package store and slipped on a ski mask for an impromptu photograph. A passer-by, fearing the store had been robbed, called police. Lambert was charged with breach of peace and had to perform 15 hours of community service. Since then, he and his friends have worn ski masks in public places in an attempt to dispel the stereotype. Lambert has even launched a Web site dedicated to “Striving to keep America Warm By Combating Ski Mask Discrimination.”

Visit Kevin’s anti-anti-ski-mask website