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A Smack to the Head Will Fix Your Craving

March 20th, 2007 · No Comments

Now I see the truth behind my father’s saying that all I need to stop smoking is a strategically placed smack to the head!

Scientists studying stroke patients are reporting that an injury to a specific part of the brain, near the ear, can instantly and permanently break a smoking habit, effectively erasing the most stubborn of addictions. People with the injury who stopped smoking found that their bodies, as one man put it, “forgot the urge to smoke.”

Scientists Tie Part of Brain to Urge to Smoke – New York Times

The portion of the brain they are currently investigating is called the “insula”. It appears that in all the subjects, the drive to eat food, or other essential activities remains the same. This was not a controlled experiment where they actually injured people in the head, but rather a followup study that was investigating the after effects of head injuries.