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What 25 years with Greenpeace Feels Like

March 16th, 2007 · No Comments

Brian Fitzgerald write about his 25 years with Greenpeace

Maybe all they had to give was a few bucks. But a few bucks would buy a spark plug. And a spark plug would fire an engine. And an engine would drive an inflatable boat into the path of a harpoon. And those two bucks would be a part of what saved that whale. And saving that whale would be part of what was needed to save the world.

The article has great memoirs, and you can see vividly what life is like for a social volunteer. He talks about how he put his foot in the door, as a door-to-door greenpeace campaigner 25 years ago, and how he has stayed motivated through the years. He says how campaigners are improvisational demographic experts – how they learn to look for the Volvos with the bumper stickers on them (any sticker, he says), and how their spirit drops when they see a truck with a flag decal :)

If there is one article you read today, it should be this one!