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World’s first Internet Election in Estonia

February 28th, 2007 · No Comments

Estonia is all set to be the first country in the world to allow voters to vote over the Internet in a public general election! The system was tested recently where people could “vote” to choose the king of the forest from among 10 animals. They did not disclose the results, so we don’t know who the King is. :)

Interestingly, this small Nordic nation seems to be secure in its faith in technology:

The security angle of voting via the Internet has not raised many worries. “E-voting is not so difficult to think about here. We are used to using the Internet for business and for almost 10 years we have been using the Internet for banking,” he said.

Compare this to the US, where the diebold voting machines have caused enough problems and doubts repeatedly. I guess it is just a matter of trusting the provider – but then again, how much can you trust a company or organization that provides the internet-voting service? Just as much as you can trust the election officials in an “offline” election, I suppose. The distinguishing difference is that, offline, more people are involved in the voting and counting processes, so it is more difficult to game the system.

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