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Routine Order random header image, Mac OS X Compared to Windows XP

February 8th, 2007 · No Comments

“We pride ourselves in offering some of the most comprehensive comparisons between Apple and Microsoft’s operating systems on the Internet.”

Quite a commendable goal – will make deciding between Windows and OSX much easier. Or more difficult, if you are the kind who is confused by your brain, and prefer to decide with your “heart” instead.

This list of features for comparing the GUIs of Windows XP and OSX is interesting - I have often wondered about how best to compare the GUIs of two different OSes/Desktop environments. If there was a scientific, standard way of evaluating GUIs, we’d know for sure which of GNOME and KDE are better!

Oh, here’s the final score of the OSX Vs. XP comparison, by the way. OSX comes out on top.