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Acer Includes an ActiveX Control to Launch Apps in your Notebook

February 1st, 2007 · No Comments

Via slashdot, I came across this article that describes an activex control that acer includes in all its laptops. The activex control offers a method for any webpage that uses it to execute programs, open and modify files etc on any laptop that has it.

The page includes the html code for a webpage to test if your acer notebook has this “feature” where any webpage can run arbitrary programs on your laptop when running Microsoft Windows. I tried it with my Acer and much to my surprise, it worked!!!

It is amazing how acer put this “feature” in and how I was kept in the dark about this. This is like handing over the keys to my kingdom without even knowing it.

Kind of makes me want to move to an Operating System without any backdoor, or hidden “features”. Maybe Ubuntu?