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Breast Art: Boob Paintings (SFW)

January 22nd, 2007 · 1 Comment

boobeesBreast stroke is Angel Tolentino’s effort to fund Breast Cancer Charities. The paintings are mediocre until you realize they have been painted with 34B brushes!

In December 1995, I was looking for creative Christmas gifts for my friends. One day I was watching my sister Lyn use sponges to paint on canvas. I thought, “I wonder if my breasts could work like sponges?” Inspiration struck! So I bought some non-toxic paint and canvas, locked myself in the bathroom, and figured out a technique to paint with my breasts. Wouldn’t you know it? Breast Pals was born!

She sells various things with her art on it through cafepress and donates profits to breast cancer charities. Featured above are her creations, “Boo-bees” and “Breast Stroke”.

I’ll stop short of saying something wicked cool about testicular cancer.