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Seen a Killer App lately?

January 17th, 2007 · No Comments

If you take Peter Coffee’s word for the 25 Killer Apps of All Time, then you will end up with the astonishing fact that only about 10% of the greatest killer apps of all time have been developed in the last decade.

I call BS! A decade ago, the internet was slower than my dog, and less tentacled than an octopus. The guy must have had enough sense to call it the top 25 innovative, or path-breaking, or first-of-their kind apps. But the list is none of those, either.

And, of course, not one of those apps is a Linux App, though there are a lot of Windows-sepcific apps, and a whole OS – OSX. The last time I checked, an OS was significantly different from an app. This trend of almost anyone turning tech guru and throwing up lists is alarming – I hope the next year will bring with it a few less top-X lists.