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Dear Boing Boing: Please Link Responsibly

January 13th, 2007 · No Comments

Alright, I have to get this out of my brain before it explodes with a distinct, loud “Boing!”.

Why doesn’t Boing Boing link to external pages in a sane manner?

Take a look at the article about Betelnut Girls in Taiwan.

Stop. Right there. Now, I were Boing Boing, I would write that as follows:
Take a look at the article about Betelnut Girls in Taiwan Link.

Do you see it?

You don’t? Well, head over to the article and see how there is a “Link” at the end of every phrase, which links to what the phrase talks about. Make the phrase the link, dudes!

So instead of “A westerner tries betel nut Link” we will have “A westerner tries betel nut“.

This idea is not mine – it has been common knowledge for ages – it makes more sense to machines that try to comprehend the data that is the web, you see. There must be one solidly confused robot who hates going to boing boing on her rounds. “Oh! Those folks who have a single-word vocabulary for anything that’s not on their site. Not. Again!!!” I can hear the robot moan.