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What is the Lazyweb and How Can I Use It?

January 7th, 2007 · No Comments

Time and again you might have seen people start posts with “Dear Lazyweb” on their blogs requesting help with their problems. The wikipedia defines the lazyweb as:

LazyWeb is the idea that if you wait long enough, someone will implement that wacky idea you had… (or already has!) Alternatively, that if your blog or other publishing outlet has enough readers, a reader will know and provide the answer to a question you are too lazy to research yourself.

So the idea is, you ask the collective wisdom of the interweb and get your answers.

There was this website where you could send a trackback from your lazyweb post. The question you asked or the idea you propose would then appear on the website, and others could then help you solve the problem. However, due to trackback spam, the website was closed on 25th April, 2006 by Ben Hammersley, the owner.

If Akismet can stop trackback spam, then maybe a brilliant showcase for Akismet’s kung-fu skills would be to use it with the source code of the lazyweb to reincarnate Lazyweb. Better still, maybe someone can make the lazyweb thingy work on pingbacks instead of trackbacks – so you could just link your lazyweb post to and let the pingback do the rest.

How’s that for a lazyweb idea?