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Use Google to Bypass Most Web Browsing FireWalls

January 5th, 2007 · 2 Comments

This trick amazes me when I think about it – oh why did it not occur to me sooner!

You can translate a page from one language to the same language using Google. For example you can translate this website from English to English! – Here are the results.

The URL, if you notice it is:|en&

The “en|en” specifies that the site has to be translated from “English” to “English”. Of course, now you must think I am crazy – how will this help you cut across that corporate firewall, or your dad’s firewall, or the Great Internet Wall of ?

Easy, the translated page is a cached(sort-of) version. So bingo, just ask Google to translate the page from whatever language to the same language and you’re all set!

If you forget the URL, you can always go to and use the tool there to translate the webpage from one language to another. If necessary, change the URL in the browser to make the languages the same.