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Illness of the Day: Sexual Anhedonia

December 30th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Sexual Anhedonia is the condition where you ejaculate while having sex, but don’t have an orgasm — think poker player having sex – straight face and all, all throughout the event.

Sexual anhedonia is known as ‘ejaculatory anhedonia’. This rare condition means that the person will ejaculate with no accompanying sense of pleasure. This condition is most frequently found in males, but women can suffer from lack of pleasure when the body goes through the orgasm process as well.

–From Wikipedia.

This now joins Emphysema among the list of diseases/illnesses I would love NOT to have, please, thank you.

How did I get around to thinking about it, you ask? Check out this guy at Ask Metafilter who suffers from it. Maybe he could start acting in Porn – cause then he’d really be acting, not just cumming as usual.