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No Googling for Information, says Harvard Business School

December 29th, 2006 · No Comments

At Harvard’s business school, it’s forbidden to use Google to “solve” a case study by figuring out how the business actually turned out(Source: Peter Suber, Open Access News).

Now is it just me, or are these guys counter-intuitive? I guess the policy-makers at universities world wide need to grow younger and think lik students do, and I am not suggesting anything subversive, or radical or that they should start thinking like punks. The decision makers probably did not grow with the knowledge-awareness that the young have – where you have a better idea of what is possible, where to look for the solution (or data) and how to best get the information you need. The old have to learn, the young know, intuitively. Stopping the young from using the tools they know best will shackle their growth.