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Firefox Updated Message – Retardedness

December 22nd, 2006 · 1 Comment

Firefox updated itself earlier today.firefox updated

As you can see the message that appears is perfectly useless. We all have known for ages that Firefox has tabbed browsing, and that it is extensible. In fact, that is the reason I started using Firefox. Remember, this is the message shown after an update, so the person who sees the message has been using Firefox for a while. I can understand if the message appears immediately after Firefox is installed and run for the first time, but after updating?

It would be more helpful if the message stated:

  • The version number of the version I updated to
  • New features in the updated version
  • Why there was an updated, what bugs, if any, needed to be fixed, requiring an update
  • In simple English, why the update was required, if there are any other reasons