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The Passion Paradox

December 18th, 2006 · No Comments

Nowhere in Africa
I saw this movie Nowhere in Africa, which was a nice movie and all that. What caught my attention was a dialogue in the movie, where the father of the protagonist says, “One always loves more than the other – that is the problem.” I thought that was a very insightful statement.

Now I come across the Passion Paradox. Briefly, it says:

Passion Paradox is a theory about romantic relationships created by Dean Delis in his book “Passion Paradox”. According to Delis, one partner is more in love – or emotionally invested in the relationship – than the other. The more love the loving partner wants from the other, the less the other feels like giving.

The more in love partner is in the one-down position, whilst the less in love partner occupies the one-up position. Men and women can occupy both positions at various times.

I now wonder if the script writer or the author actually knew that there was a name for what he/she wrote down for that dialogue.