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Cartier replica watches

July 6th, 2009 · 5 Comments

One of the leading brand names in the field of Luxury watches Cartier watches are not just watches, but a possession that everybody dreams of owning. With excellent precision amalgamated with elegant design Cartier watches have a mesmerizing power that is hard to resist. Known for its innovation Cartier in all its watch designs draws inspiration from richness and magnanimity of symbols across the world. This is evident in all its watch models. Some popular watch models from the house of Cartier are Cartier Tank watches, these draw inspiration from the Renault tank used as war ammunition during World War I. Cartier Santos watches worlds first flat wrist watch meant for aviation functions were introduced in era when pocket watches were fast becoming obsolete for aviation uses. Cartier Roadster, the latest jewel to the crown of Cartier is the magnificent watch model which draws its inspiration from the field of automotive designs. Cartier Pasha model, a hot favorite amongst women, was originally a watertight model made especially for Pasha of Marrekesh in 1932.

Do you think sky high prices of Cartier watches will never let your dream of owning one become a reality? Well think again, I bring to you widest and most reliable collection of Cartier replica watches at a fraction of cost.
Most of the iconic watch models from Cartier are available, Cartier replica watches are highly in demand. The demand for these Cartier replica watches is never going down and neither is the weight of the fashion statements that our Cartier replica watches are synonymous with.

The Cartier replica watches transcend the boundaries of gender, age and status. Be it a high profile elite socialite or a middle class person aspiring to make it big Cartier replica watches are for everybody.


Fun with favicons – and a database I found

July 2nd, 2009 · 1 Comment

Today’s find – a favicon database!

Sorry for the long leave of absence… I was busy elsewhere in real life, wrapping up some college related stuff.

What better way to get back in the blogging habit that start writing again! So as I was saying, I ran into this database of them wonderful small shiny favicons. Thought I’d share it with you before it gets real big, and popular. So what’s a favicon, you ask? They’re the things that show up left-most in your address bar when you visit a web page. For all the hate that the Internet Explorer gets, we owe favicons to IE. Favicons were introduced in IE 5, and were original used to represent websites in the “Favorites”, which is just Microsoft’s term for bookmarks. Later, Mozilla and the w3c pitched in and standardized things so now, if you place a file named favicon.ico in the “root” or base directory of your website, it is displayed in the address bar, and in the bookmarks for the site.

Favicon database

This site lacks a favicon, and so I was looking to see if there were any sites with a bunch of them I can choose from. Making one is easy enough, it has to be 16×16 pixels in size, but I was short of ideas, and wasn’t really happy with my attempts to shrink some images to that small a size. At that size, it all looks like a blur to me. Some favicons, like that or Michael Arrington’s at the favicon database don’t make any sense. Is that a walrus, or a man with a huge mustache? In either case, it’s hard to see how it relates to the real Arrington! Maybe he, like me, tried to make a favicon, failed, and stuck with whatever the result was :) Some others, like the favicon for asylum-et, are animated, which is kinda cool, I guess.

Well anyway, one of these days, I will get to making one my own. (Intelligent readers will note that I did not say “making one for myself” :) )
And I hope by then the favicon database will have more favicons on display! It looks promising, and is a very neat little idea.

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Cheap and Good Hosting in India

September 23rd, 2007 · 2 Comments

Hosterio offers reseller hosting in India at very competitive rates. For example, the smallest package is only just $11.08 per year. You get complete cPanel access and a lot more. The smallest hosting account is good for a blog, since space is limited to 20MB. My blog, for example, uses not more than 4 MB of disk space, so far. Hosterio also offers website design services, which covers the entire spectrum of design services. I don’t know what the rates are, but if the hosting rates are anything to go by, they must be affordable for small businesses and individuals too.

If you have more than one domain – it is not unusual for one person to have more than one blog, each dealing with a separate topic, then you might want to check out Hosterio’s multi domain hosting offers. For $100 a year, you can have up to 7 domains hosted on the same account. for $37.77 more per year, you can get the privilege of hosting unlimited domains/sites on the same account. These are powered by cPanel too, which makes managing the sites a breeze. If most of your visitors are from India, or you expect that to be the case, then a server in India would be much better than a server in Europe or the United States. This will provide you lower latencies and delays. Until recently, however, I had been unable to find a host who offers reasonable rates for hosting in India.


Buying Pet Meds Online

September 21st, 2007 · 1 Comment

We all know we can buy medicines online, since that is why we get solicitations via mail to buy them online for better sexual/mental/physical performance, but I was kind of late in catching on the fact that you can by pet meds online too! At least the pet meds website is a lot more interesting than the online pharmacies. Check out this list of Pet top 10s – including the top 10 distances covered by cats looking to return home after getting lost. How they get lost at such great distances is a mystery, but the stories are interesting.

With regards to pet health, there’s a list of inherited health disorders for dogs by breed! Amazing stuff. There’s a similar list of inherited health disorders in cats. When it comes to pet medications, the site has a listing of which online pet pharmacy offers the various meds at the lowest rates. Nice site will easily keep you busy for an hour if you have a pet, and like knowing more about your breed.

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Dave Ramsey and Long Term Care Insurance

September 19th, 2007 · 3 Comments

Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey of the Lampo group is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host. He says he was worth a quarter of a million when he was 26, then lost it all in a couple of years due to bad financial decisions and due to paying too much “stupid” tax. He has since got back on his feet and his radio show features nuggets of wisdom for us – those without an MBA in Finance. You can see his free videos at YouTube and read of him from time to time on consumer-oriented blogs. Needless to say, his radio show is very interesting, and he has a cheerful, optimistic voice. The other day, on his show, he was answering a question about long term care insurance agent issues.

Dave Ramsey suggests long term care insurance for people who expect to live beyond the age of 65, and expect to need long term care – which can turn very expensive very fast. Specifically, Dave suggested that if rates where under $1,200 it would be a good investment. Now to find something good, you will need to go shopping for quotes for long term care insurance policies. The site I mentioned above seems to enable just that, and hey, they know of Dave Ramsey :) I was surprised to find that article I linked to when I searched for Dave’s advice.


What Happens When the Fed Lowers Lending Rates?

September 19th, 2007 · No Comments

Ben Bernanke took out his wallet and lowered the key interest rate by a full half point. When the Fed lowers prime rate, market become uppity. Think of it as everyone getting their loans cheaper from the government. Banks can now borrow money from the Federal Reserve at 4.75% interest. This discount will make its way through all the financial markets. Big firms, and investors in the stock market and other financial indices will borrow money, expecting their investments to appreciate in value, thereby generating profits. The whole idea behind the Fed controlling interest rates has been that the unemployment has to be kept low, as also the inflation. For the first time in many years, the US market was showing a downward trend in employment rates; also, the sub-prime mortgage crisis has meant that borrowers have had to live in a very cautious market.

If less money is available on the market, economic growth will stumble. These are the reasons why Ben Bernanke pushed for lowering the interest rate. Ben is quite accomplished, with his being an expert in the study of the Great Depression. In fact, two rates have been lowered, the Federal Funds Rate and the Discount Rate. The former is the rate at which banks lend each other money. With a lowering of the fed rate, low rate mortgages are possible, and so this would be a good time to try and refinance your mortgage. A direct result of the fed lowering the rates should be a decrease in the Prime Lending Rates of various banks. Of course, they need not be the same across all banks, but overall, there should be a decrease in the rates of loans offered by lenders. If the rate falls too low, however, you will soon have “too much money chasing too few goods”, and everyone will realize they can charge more for their products and services – leading to inflation. So that’s why a half-percent fall in the interest rate is significant. Everyone was expecting the cut to be a quarter-percent. Let’s hope Ben got it just right, and that this cut should get the markets on track, and everyone employed :)

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City Vacation Guides

September 18th, 2007 · No Comments

In researching for my upcoming trip to Europe, I have had a tough time finding good, pointed information about what to do in the major cities. I found some useful information about hotels in Paris at Looks like accomodations in the Rive Gauche area are more affordable for tourists like me. Rive Doite is the other extreme, and perhaps, when I am old and (hopefully) filthy rich, I’ll get to look for the better options there.

If you visit Barcelona, cityguides has a little useful information. The pages containing information about cities are organized by function – here’s an example shopping in Atlanta page. Since I have been shopping in Atlanta before, i can see that the page doesn’t yet list all the options. The pages are not all complete, and the site advices visitors that there are more blogs, forums and reviews coming soon. It can’t come soon enough. Posting on travel forums and waiting for responses gets old too fast, and the information you find on website might not be the whole deal. So forums, articles, blogs and reviews are all essential in one single website to minimize my effort.

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Tool to Search for Expired, and Expiring Domain Names

September 18th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Domdat is a website that provides powerful tools to search for expiring and expired domains. I just signed up for the service that costs $25 per month to take it on a test ride. It came highly recommended by a friend who finally found a domain name he liked for his flower delivery service. What’s really cool is that the domain he bought had been promoted by the previous owner, and so he will benefit from all those search results that will lead folks to his site, for free.

Expiring domains are much better in many ways. Since the domain hasn’t expired yet, but certainly will, you can bid and buy the domain as it expires and serve your website with that domain name. This will give you the page rank, the search result traffic, and even some traffic from users of the old website.

Domain Name Search Tool

The expired and expiring domain names search tool at domdat is very powerful – As seen in the pic above, you can search by minimum Pagerank, number of links in the search engines, whether or not the website is listed in the DMOZ and Yahoo directories and so forth. This can save you money since unlike DMOZ, you need to pay Yahoo upto $200 to be included in their directory – so if someone has already done the grunt work with a domain, you save a bunch of money. You can set up alerts (upto 5) that will send you an email as soon as any of the domain name searches that you define return positive results.

Domain name prospecting is hot right now. A lot of folks buy expired domains and just sit around waiting for their value to appreciate. Already, it is impossible to find websites that have three characters in the domain name, and domain names that are common words. Domdat is one of the tools these guys use, and if you want a leg-up in your search for a good domain name, it is a vital tool for you.

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Extreme Cars and the Hummer H3

September 18th, 2007 · 2 Comments

Extreme Cars is a fascinating website with interesting information scattered all over. The site has details of all cars from Ariels to Paganis. I did not know previously that the Italians have been at designing cars since way back in the 1400s when an Italian designed a wind-propelled car. I also learnt the distinction between sports car, muscle cars and super cars. A muscle car is a mid-sized car with large, powerful V8 engines and special trim designed to maximize torque. The golden ago of these cars in the US was the period from 1962-1973. They are not sports cars, since sports cars are usually smaller, two-seater automobiles with a higher than usual weight-to-power ratio.
No list of extreme cars will be complete without the behemoth Hummer, which traces its lineage to the HumVees used by the the US Military worldwide.
Hummer H2

I didn’t know they were made in South Africa as well! The new Hummer H3 is cheaper than the rest, and a little bit smaller. The H3 has an amazing 37.5 degree approach angle and cover almost all terrains with the greatest of ease. It is ironic that in the US, most H3s are bought by families with school children – for its space and safety features, or, as I suspect, for the image of being safer in a Hummer. They are a lot cheaper at around $29,995 for a new base H3, and this has helped a lot with customer adoption, too.

Hummers aside, I spent a cool half hour at going through the list of mythical, almost unreal, vehicles.


Career Descriptions

September 17th, 2007 · No Comments

If you want to learn what constitutes life as a dentist, doctor, or any one of the other careers, check out the descriptions of careers. Each description at the website gives you the following information:

  1. Overview of the job
  2. What you will be doing in a particular work
  3. What kind of personality is suitable for the job
  4. Which type of companies offer jobs
  5. Whether you will be able to open your own business?

For example, you learn from the dentist career description that the skills required, and therefore kind of dentists are as follows:
Diagnostic, Preventative, Surgical, Corrective and Managerial. It leaves out my favorite kind of dentist – cosmetic, but I suppose that comes under “Corrective”. After the dentist, the job description of the greatest interest to the most should be the pharmacist. Anything related to medicine is hot with regards to income-generation prospects, and since everyone can’t work as hard as required to become a doctor, becoming a dentist or a pharmacist may be just the thing for many.

I wish I was a dentist or a pharmacist. Then again, looks like I wished I wasn’t one when I was younger, because I am neither now.

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